„Die Freie Meinung“: A Media-Aggregation-Community

The project „diefreiemeinung.net“ is a Media-Aggregation-Community.
It is going to be a strong voice that helps to win more people in Germany to build a better Europe.
A Europe based on the values of the Prague Declaration.

Its main operative objectives are:

  1. To generate input: Let users find and submit content.
  2. Process the input: Filter, Curate & add value to the raw content.
  3. Output: Syndicate & multiplicate the enhanced content.

The project incorporates the core values of the Prague-declaration into its very own structure, through offering independent citizens means to participate in the project.
Furthermore it uses basic market mechanisms cultivate a form of collective intelligence, that helps to identify quality content and improve performance in general.

It is designed as an open, adaptive system that is capable of learning through its user-interactions and feedback-loops.

Once fully operational, it will be more effective and cost efficient than conventional media operations, due to the fact that it will be (mainly) run by motivated volunteers. In addition it makes use of smart digital tools and processes that support the effort of the volunteers.

The project can be seen as part of a network of projects in Germany, that all help to engage german citizens to build a better Europe of nation states.
In future these projects could be developed into an highly interconnected media- and community-network.

The Project in a Nutshell

The system or platform explained

Download: Media for further presentations

Access to the community „newsroom“

Anmelden zur Community-Redaktion

This part of the system is not yet fully integrated into the main-site. This is work in progress.
It soon will find its proper place on this site.

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